Why is the AYWMC community so great?

More than anything, I want everyone who has a digital camera to be able to use it confidently. Not to be scared of the dials. Not to think they are not good enough to use it. Not to apologise when they pull it out. And a supportive group of like-minded people taking the same journey is the best place to overcome these worries and to make progress faster.

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GeneralEmma Davies
Photography road trip tips

An epic road trip through a remote landscape brings you close to a constantly changing panorama ready to be caught by your camera. The tips in this post are designed to keep you shooting: you need to be physically ready to get in the position you need for the shot, but you also need to be mentally ready to make decisions about settings and creative composition.

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Travel, LandscapeEmma Davies
The best presents for photographers

This is the 2018 edition of my “what are the best gifts for photographers” suggestions. Suggestions for beginner photographers, intermediate photographers, landscape and flower photographers. Things to keep you warm, things to read on your journey.

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Emma Davies