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Photography road trip tips

An epic road trip through a remote landscape brings you close to a constantly changing panorama ready to be caught by your camera. The tips in this post are designed to keep you shooting: you need to be physically ready to get in the position you need for the shot, but you also need to be mentally ready to make decisions about settings and creative composition.

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Travel, LandscapeEmma Davies
How to backup your photos whilst travelling

If you're on the trip of a lifetime, chances are you will A) be taking lots of photos, and B) will be away for more than a couple of days. If the worst happens, and your camera is stolen, or your memory card corrupts, you will still have all your memories intact if you have taken the time to backup your photos as you go.

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TravelEmma Davies
Armchair location scouting

Not everyone has the luxury of taking a week to scout a new location for potential photographs and best viewpoints. (In fact, does anyone who isn't a professional location scout?)

But with Google maps and a couple of apps, you can plan a photography trip so that as far as humanly possible, you stand the best chance of getting the best shots.

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