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the course

A Year With My Camera is a free, year-long beginner's photography workshop. You’ll progress from being a complete beginner to shooting off auto mode in less than 6 weeks. Then spend the rest of the year exploring composition, light, creativity and finding your style. There are 3 ways to access the workshop: free emails, workbooks or on the app (see below).

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Some AYWMC students who have got off auto because of the workshop.

THE free email course starts every month…

…except August and December. For all the other months the course starts on the first Thursday of the month. Join here and you’ll be automatically added to the next start date. If you join between starts you’ll still get an email each Thursday until the next start, with some pre-course warm-up information and projects.

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For people who prefer a book in their hands, the course is available in workbook format, for sale on Amazon.


A Year with My Camera: Book 1

Book 1 is for complete beginners and takes you, step by step, through exposure, composition and light, and finishes with four chapters devoted to igniting your creativity.


A Year with My Camera: Book 2

Book 2 is for intermediate photographers. Starting with editing and using a tripod, it moves on to four detailed modules: landscape, travel, macro and sharing your images online and in print.

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The Planner

This is an undated, week-to-a-page planner, with all the A Year With My Camera lessons highlighted in the right order. Please note the planner doesn't have the actual lessons, just the reminders.

The app

Available in the Apple and Android stores for an annual £4.99 subscription, the app gives you access to all the lessons plus a photo sharing community that is like a private Instagram: there are no third party ads and no-one is tracking your data. Emma designed it to be simply a place where the community could meet each other and chat about their photography journeys.

“I feel less intimidated now when dealing with camera snobs who toot their gear around like trophies.”

“Thank you for making what I love less confusing while opening more doors allowing my creativity to shine.”

“Without a doubt, if it were not for this course I would not have been able to use the manual mode as I do now.”

“I have confidence in making pictures and having fun doing it.”

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“I am using manual exclusively now because of AYWMC. Thank you for providing this confidence-building course. It is amazing!”

“I got off auto thanks to AYWMC! And although I am still pretty much a beginner, I have started thinking a lot more about what I am doing and feeling more confident.”

“Having so much fun with my camera now instead of being intimidated by it 😊.”

“When I stared this course I thought I’d get a few tips! I thought, nothings for free!!!! Boy was I wrong! After only a few short weeks, I’m off auto completely and continuing to learn every week!”

“Now I can look at a shot, figure out how to get the final image I want & talk about the settings used with out having an internal meltdown & anxiety attack.”

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Meet your instructor

Emma Davies is a commercial and fine art flower photographer and photography instructor. She was a finalist in Travel Photographer of the Year 2017, and was shortlisted International Garden Photographer of the Year 2016. She has been published in Digital Photographer magazine, The Telegraph, Gardens Illustrated and by the BBC.

Author of #1 Amazon bestselling beginner's photography workbook, A Year With My Camera.

For more about Emma, a look at her work and her other courses, visit:


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