Why is the AYWMC community so great?

Why should you join AYWMC rather than any other photo course?

Because of the community. The people who have done it, the people who are doing it, and the people like you who are thinking about doing it.

There is a community of more than 10,000 people who have taken part in AYWMC who know how it feels to hold a complex DSLR in your hands and not really have a clue what you’re doing. Every one of them is desperate for you to overcome your fears, take the plunge, and sign up for the free course (which you can do at the end of this post). Because they know that after the first 2 or 3 weeks, you'll look back and wonder what you were worried about.

For example, do any of these apply to you:

  • worried about taking your camera out in public

  • worried about posting your photos online

  • worried that your camera dials are just so overwhelming you'll never understand them

  • worried you've started something like this before but dropped out after a couple of weeks

  • worried that everyone is judging you

  • worried that people will laugh at your beginner attempts

  • worried that you're too old to learn

  • worried about going to a camera club

These are the common worries from people who have a new DSLR. (Have you got one I haven’t covered? Get in touch via the Contact form at the top of the site and I’ll add it to the list.)

The reason for the list is so you know you're not alone. Even if you are fine with most of the things listed but just one of them resonates with you, you’re in good company. And I want to reassure you that if you join AYWMC and make it to the end of the first month, you won't be worried about any of those things any more.

More than anything, I want everyone who has a digital camera to be able to use it confidently. Not to be scared of the dials. Not to think they are not good enough to use it. Not to apologise when they pull it out. And a supportive group of like-minded people taking the same journey is the best place to overcome these worries and to make progress faster.

I asked current AYWMCers what they think of the community, and they said:

Everyone is so friendly and helpful and the best thing is they are so non judgmental, I’m not afraid to ask any questions or advice.
— Jane
I tend to be stuck indoors most of the time due to illness, the support I have received from fellow photographers has kept me going.
— George
You get great support when you most need it from people on the same level of the course as you
— Maureen
Well supported community, friendly and helpful and feel completely safe posting on the groups. The course got me off auto as promised and the whole process was excellent!
— Yasmin

These are the places you can find the AYWMC community (all optional)

1. Your own private Facebook group, just for people starting at the same times as you - an invitation is included when you join up.

2. The public Facebook page for AYWMC: click to visit the Facebook page

3. Instagram

Follow me here: @EmmaDaviesPhoto

And follow the course feed here: @AYearWithMyCamera

Use these hashtags:

#AYWMCJan2019 - to indicate you are in the Jan 2019 start, and to find other people the same (or whatever your start month/year is)

#AYearWithMyCamera - to indicate you are doing AYWMC generally, and to find people on the other courses, or those that have finished.

#Make30Photos - to share your 30 day project (details in the welcome email when you join up)

#1Day12Pics - on the first Saturday of every month I host this challenge (click here for details)


Are you ready to join?

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AYWMC is easy to follow and the support from others is awesome and nobody is in competition with each other as to who has best equipment.
— Sue
The people are always positive and encouraging, and happy to swap tips and ideas. It feels like a safe place to experiment and post photos, without fear of the unwanted criticism that is prevalent in many other online photography groups.
— Kerry
I love that the AYWMC community is cohesive and supportive. In those moments when life gets in the way and we get a little behind, they are great at encouraging each other and helping each other grasp the concepts they need to get caught up.
— MJ
A brilliant way of learning. You can do it by yourself but there is a world of help and positive support if you want it.
— Jane
Off auto in the 6 weeks as promised. Lots of help and encouragement from everyone all over the world. There is always someone in the community with the same camera model to give advice when you have a problem. After 11 months I have so much more confidence to use my camera and tripod in front of “proper” photographers.
— Annette

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