3 things holding your photography back

What’s holding you back?

1. Overwhelm

How many times have you tried to learn how to use your camera? And how far did you get?

The most common reason that my students have for failing to learn photography in the past is that there is just so much to learn that they don't know where to start. And if they do start, they find they don't understand something because they've missed a critical piece of information.

I designed the entire A Year With My Camera programme around this problem. You can look forward to knowing that all you need to focus on is what arrives in your inbox every Thursday morning. I will send you, step by step, each piece of information you need, in the right order, in a manageable chunk. You don’t need to look ahead and worry about what’s coming. You don’t need to look back and worry you’ve missed something.

Remember - we overestimate how much we can get done in a week, but we underestimate how much we can get done a year. Stick with me for the year and I’ll have you shooting photos you never thought possible.

2. Who are your friends?

Have you ever been in a very aggressive photography Facebook group where a few people know all the answers and tell everyone else how they should do things?

What about a camera club or a workshop where everyone seems to know what they are doing and your questions feel stupid?

Do your friends and family think you will never learn to use your camera, and do they roll your eyes when you bring it out to have a go?

These are all the people you need to stop talking photography with, at least until you’ve boosted your confidence. (If you start AYWMC that takes about 4 weeks, maybe 8.)

Each AYWMC group has a private Facebook group and I make sure it is the safest, most supportive place in the world for you to share your photos and ask any question, however stupid you think it sounds. You just cannot learn anything, least of all a creative endeavour, if you are scared or feeling belittled. Every single photographer started in the same place and I am making it my life's work to create a place where everyone (everyone) is welcome. If you are a complete beginner, you have found the place you need to be.

3. Perfectionism

This is a tricky one to get over, but the sooner you can, the faster you'll learn. Say to yourself every day until you believe it: "It's progress, not perfection, that's important.".

You will not be shooting off auto after the first week. You will not have marvellously composed images from the start. But as you tuck each lesson under your belt you will take one more step on the road that will finish with an image you are proud of. If you can let go of the need to take a perfect image before you share, then you can join in everyone's journey and make progress together.


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BeginnerEmma Davies