11 Ideas for bad weather photography

1. Raining?

- catch rain splashes (shutter priority mode, at least 1/250th, and let the ISO go as high as you need to if it's gloomy):



- do macro rain drops (very high shutter speed needed if you are hand holding, and if there's even a breath of breeze - this shot is 1/1000th, f2.8, ISO 400):



- go rainbow hunting (stand with your back to the sun):



2. Windy?

- work on your shutter priority mode (do you know what shutter speeds you need to freeze something in the wind?)

windy day photography in bad weather.jpg


3. Grey skies?

- Make the most of the soft shadows



4. Too bright?

- Practise contrejour (where you shoot with the sun behind your subject - you'll need to over-expose by 1 to 2 full stops)



5. Indoor projects for bad weather days

- try reverse lens macro (no new kit needed): click here for tutorial

reverse lens macro.jpeg


- try Lightroom (watch these 7 videos - it's all you need to get started)

bad weather photo projects try lightroom.jpg


- re-edit some photos in black & white (try the Nik Silver Efex conversion software)



- have a go at some high-key light box images (click here for tutorial)

high key light box.jpg


- set up a table top studio, complete with backdrop (use wallpaper or a tea towel) and reflector (anything white or pale)

table top studio.jpg

What's your best idea for a bad weather photo project? Add it to the list on the AYWMC Facebook page here: click to add your idea to the list


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