Aperture & shutter speed online intensive

Do you want to understand your camera settings once and for all?

I have a new online intensive short course coming up. It runs 19-27 May and includes 5 in-depth, interactive lessons that will take you from being unsure about shooting off-auto, to confidently shooting on aperture and shutter priority modes.

I am on hand every day during the 10-day course to answer questions. Ask me anything about your own particular camera's controls and I will get you up and running.

Who is the course for?

>> You have started to shoot off auto mode, but you are not confident.

>> You know what aperture and shutter speed are in theory, but you can't always remember what to do when you are out with your camera.

>> You want to know instinctively when to use a long shutter speed, and when to use a short one; and when to use a large aperture and when to use a narrow one.

>> You want to be able to remember what all the fractions and the f-numbers mean mean.

>> You want to be able to shoot confidently on aperture and shutter priority modes, without having to stop and think so you miss the shot.

>> You want to take pictures like this:


What does "interactive" mean?

This course is fun. It's not pages and pages of text and numbers. Each lesson is a short explanation, followed by practical exercises and interactive explainers like this one:

Get yourself off auto once and for all, and start taking the photos you can see in your head:

Emma Davies