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From July 2019 there is a £5 admin fee to switch to a new A Year With My Camera email start date.

If you complete the course you are welcome to do it again for no fee - just re-join on the AYearWithMyCamera.com homepage.

The lessons are also available via the AYWMC app (£4.99 annual subscription): Click for app details

To switch:

1. Fill in the form below with details of which list you are on and which you want to switch to.

2. Click “Submit”.

3. Click the “Pay Now” button under the form to pay £5.

It can take up to a week to arrange the switch. You won’t get a new welcome email, you will simply start getting the emails from the list you are switching to. If you request a switch very close to a Thursday you may still get an email from your previous list before we have moved you over to the new list.

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