AYWMC app launch

The A Year With My Camera app gives you a simple place to have conversations with other people doing the course, and the chance to stay in touch once you’ve finished.

AYWMC has relied on Facebook and Instagram as the places to share our images, and that has worked well so far. But I am increasingly fed up with the opaque nature of Facebook, and the way that Instagram listens to what you say*. I don’t like it that Facebook shares my data with third parties without telling me (eg. Cambridge Analytica). And I don’t really enjoy Instagram anymore - it’s turned into a race-to-the-bottom popularity contest. I’ve made some good friends on Instagram but it is getting harder and harder to find just normal people in amongst the influencers.

Instead of simply complaining about it, I’ve developed an app of my own.

It’s available now for iPhone and Android phones and costs £4.99 for a year’s subscription.



Share a photo, ask a question, start a conversation. Scroll through other people’s photos, questions and conversations, and simply join in.

iPhone lessons.jpg

Lessons and challenges

Join your virtual class and find the weekly lessons in one place, and it’s now easy to find the #Make30Photos prompts without having to rely on screenshots or old emails.

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I am no longer reliant on the Facebook algorithm for you to see the latest news. Never miss another new blog post, discount, product launch, meetup or online community event.

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If you’re organising a meetup and want to include it in the app, just let Emma know and the details will appear in the meetups section.


Private messaging

If the community feed is overwhelming, there is a built-in private messaging system (a bit like WhatsApp) for you to chat to your friends.


*Don’t believe me about the fact Instagram listens in? I was talking to someone about why they should watch the first Independence Day film if they liked Will Smith. 20 minutes later Instagram showed me an ad for Will Smith’s fan page. I have never visited anything to do with Will Smith online, never mentioned him a comment. You would not know I had even heard of Will Smith based on my online activity. They only way Instagram could have known is because it was listening to my conversation.

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