The first 5 minutes with your new camera

The thing with most beginner photography lessons is that they don't start at the very beginning. This short post is for you if you've just unpacked your new camera and you have no idea even how to switch it on. 

The first 10 things to do with your new camera:

1. Switch it on.

2. Explore the mode dial (you'll need your manual), and use P or Auto for your first shot.

3. Check you are on auto focus (look in the manual).

4. Take the lens cap off, find the shutter button, hold the camera steady, and take your shot.

5. Work out how to review the photo you just took (in the manual).

6. Find out how to take out the battery to charge it (make sure your camera is switched off).

7. With the camera still switched off, find out where your memory card goes.

8. If you have more than one lens, only ever change it with the camera switched off. If you leave the camera on, the static will attract dust onto your sensor, which you don't want. Have your new lens ready to go. Hold your camera pointing downwards while you line up the new lens (stops dust falling on the sensor).

9. Learn how to download your images from your camera to your computer, and how to format the memory card ready to start again.

10. If you want to learn what all the things on the mode dial are for, and how to take control of the what your camera does, I have a workbook that takes you through it all step by step, one thing at a time. Have a look, and download a free trial chapter here:

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