30 Days of Composition, 2018

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What is composition?

Composition is the absolute backbone of a photograph. The scaffolding that holds it together. And it doesn't just happen by accident. 

When you stand before a scene, you have in front of you the world laid out in three dimensions. As soon as you press the shutter you have compressed those three dimensions into two. The skill of composition is knowing how the relationship between objects changes when this compression takes place, and basically, where to stand to get the relationship you want.

It's a myth that you have to be born with a good eye, or naturally know how to compose a shot. It's something that can be learnt. The A Year With My Camera way of learning is make it step by step, and make it fun. 30 Days of Composition is no exception.

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What is 30 Days of Composition?

Join in with 30 Days of Composition this August, and you'll spend each day for a month working on a different composition technique. You can have a go in 5 minutes, or you can spend all day thinking about each prompt. By the end of the month you'll have a palette of 30 ideas to draw on, each creating a different mood in your image. 

You will never use all 30 techniques in the same image, but you'll be a more confident photographer knowing you have all 30 in your back pocket, ready to try next time you're out with your camera. 

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How to join 30 Days of Composition

The 30 day challenge is part of the free, online beginner's photography workshop, A Year With My Camera. Every August the course take a break from the technical lessons and enjoys a month off, so students can just enjoy being out with their cameras. The 30 prompts are designed to keep the learning going, but in a no-pressure creative way.

If you just want to get the prompts, follow A Year With My Camera on either Instagram or Facebook, where they will be posted every day during August. If you want to get the prompts a week at a time and then go on to do the A Year With My Camera course, join below:



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The challenge is just the first month in the year-long workshop, so by joining you will receive an email every Thursday for a year - first with the 30 day challenge, and then with the rest of the A Year With My Camera lessons. You can opt out at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the end of every email. You won't get a single other email from Emma - only the Thursday lessons.

If you are reading this after August 2018, you can still join A Year With My Camera via this link. The course starts 4 times a year, and you'll just be added to the next start.

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The challenge has been running every August for a few years now, and you can have a look at the photos other people have posted here: Click to see the #30DaysOfComposition hashtag on Instagram

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