1. Living room 2x 40x30 - could you have 2 of these shots of Buttermer?

2. 2x stags for hall:

3. 1x 40x30 silver room - either of these any good? Can't find many silvery landscapes that aren't B&W and a bit harsh:

I can't find anything that will blow up big enough to do that long panorama. You might have to have a series of 5 square images? Of the Lakes? I don't have anything that fits right now but I can come back and shoot to order.

For the mustard twin room, I had a note 3x images over the bed and another smaller landscape on opposite wall by the hare lamp? I don't think flowers will work as well as local shots. I can come back and shoot 3x intimate landscapes eg. dry stone wall, fence, post box, - something with texture and maybe in black and white. And then we need 1 more shot for opposite. What do you want? Another Lakes shot? I can order today if you want to pick from what we've got, and finish it in the fullness of time?