Graduates' feedback

Congratulations on (nearly?) finishing AYWMC. I don't like to lose you once you've done your first (or second, or third) year, but I'm conscious not everyone wants to do the whole course again. I'd love your feedback on some ideas I have for 2018:

Do you plan on doing AYWMC again (which you are welcome to do)?
I'm planning a new "Graduates only" AYWMC Facebook group for people to stay in touch. Would you be interested in joining?
I'm planning to offer emails that are not the AYMWC lessons, but are a mix of other tips, challenges, information about competitions, links to things you might have missed. Would you be interested in these?
If you are interested, how does a daily email sound to you? It would be short and sweet, with one actionable item only. It would only come Monday-Friday.
If a daily email is too much, what's your preference:
I'm hoping to offer the option to do courses with individual feedback next year (online, probably via a temporary Facebook group). They will be small groups with limited numbers. Would you be interested?
If interested, which option appeals most?

Thank you. Do you want to be featured on the AYWMC blog? If you're interested, read more here: