AYWMC charity 2018 - building a whole well

In 2018 we are raising money to bring clean water to a community that doesn’t have it, with charity:water.

If we reach £6,000 (of the £7,500 goal) by 21 December, Emma will donate the remaining £1,500 so we reach the target by year end.

You can contribute in these ways:

1. Make a donation:

At 30 November, only £907 remains to be raised before 21 December to reach the £6,000 goal. There are more than 10,000 people doing AYWMC - if you all donate £1 we’ll more than make it.

2. Buy a limited edition AYWMC Workbook 2

£15 from each copy sold goes straight to the project. Total raised so far (30 Nov): £1,360.

3. Use an affiliate link

Use one of the affiliate links in this post and between 4 and 8% of your basket value is paid to Emma’s Amazon affiliate account which she passes this straight on to the fundraising (this works even if you don’t actually buy anything from the post, but still buy something in that browsing session):

Total raised so far (30 Nov): 393.10