What is AYWMC?

The course is a beginner's photography course, available in 3 formats:

1. via email (free)

2. in 2 workbooks (available on Amazon

3. in video format (details at the end of this page)

How do I get the emails?

Register for the emails here:

The course restarts in January, April and September each year. You will automatically be added to the next start date, and in the meantime you will get a weekly email with projects and techniques to practise before the AYWMC itself starts. 

Is the course free?

The email course is free. The first 6 emails starting in January/April/September have the entire "Get Off Auto" module including all quizzes, checklists and expanded examples. The subsequent emails have the essentials of each of the following lessons but you will need the workbooks or the video course to get the expanded versions of each lesson. 

You'll get one lesson a week by email for a year, and if you follow along step by step, you'll be off auto after 6 weeks, and shooting photos you are proud of after 12. For the rest of the year you'll be refining your skills and polishing your technique.

If you don't want to wait a whole year to get all the lessons, you can buy the first workbook here or sign up for the video course. Neither is compulsory


What is the AYWMC philosophy?

There's a bit too much to go into here, but please read more here: What exactly is A Year With My Camera?

What camera do I need?

You'll need a camera with manual controls.

It could be a DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera, but you'll need to be able to take it off auto and program modes, and control the aperture and shutter speed independently. 

What lessons are included?

The year starts with 6 lessons to get you off auto mode, and to start using the manual controls. We then cover composition, light and being creative. The year carries on with lessons including macro, landscape and editing.

Do you use affiliate links?

Affiliate links are where a line of code is added to a product link you click on, and send a percentage of the sale price back to the referring site. Virtually all photography sites make their money by using affiliate links - but not me. When other sites recommend a camera to you and you click on the handy Amazon link, they will be getting between 3 and 10% of the purchase price. Uniquely in the photography space, I only use affiliate links for my own products, so you can trust that anything I am recommending from another provider is because I've used it, paid full price, and love it - not because I want the 10% kick-back from you.

do i get feedback?

Once you've signed up, you'll be invited to join our private Facebook group. I don't give individual feedback on every single photo posted, but you can ask questions and post images for feedback on selected dates.

I've already signed up - where are the post sign-up FAQ?

Click here: Post sign-up FAQ

Where can I see what other students are doing?

Search Instagram for our hashtag: #AYearWithMyCamera.