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EDIT June 2019: the print version is now available. If you prefer a print copy, click here for details of how to buy.

Beginner’s Landscape Photography eBook launches today. It has taken me two years to plan, shoot and write, and I am delighted with the finished product.

UPDATE 24 February: the 200th copy was sold today. Thank you to everyone who has bought. I will be sending the £1,000 raised from the launch to Arts Emergency. Neil, who set up the charity in 2011, says:

“This is a real boost to young artists and particularly young photographers, a statement of intent from a community that they DO have support, that there are people willing to open doors and send the ladder down. Thank you so much.”

£5 from the sale of the first 200 copies will go to my Arts Emergency fundraiser. Arts Emergency are an alternative “old boys’” network, to give arts students who don’t have access to people already in the arts mentoring and practical help. I will be sponsoring one student for a year, which costs £1,000. If you are interested in being a mentor, read more here.

This page is related to the pdf eBook version. For the print version, click here.

Who is the book for?

If you know what aperture and shutter speed are, but can’t take a landscape shot you are happy with, this is the book for you. It takes you from the stage where you have a very basic understanding of how the camera exposes an image, to the place when you can take an image you want to hang on your wall. It leaves you with the confidence to develop your own landscape photography style, not just follow blindly what everyone else is doing.

Who is the book NOT for?

  • It’s not for intermediate and advanced landscape photographers who are already shooting with a tilt-shift, can do hyperfocal calculations on the fly, and have already published a calendar.

  • It’s not intended for anyone wanting a quick fix - landscape photography is hard work. The book cuts out the guesswork and you will make progress faster, but landscape is a long term journey.

  • It won’t tell you to fly off to Patagonia or spend a fortune on kit. This is a book for someone happy to work with what kit they have and make the most of the landscape they find themselves in.

  • It’s not for you if you are a passive learner: you need to get out and try stuff, not just sit and read about it.


  • Join the private FB group to ask Emma questions (during February 2019) and share landscape photos if you want to (details in the pdf).

  • 164 pages (82 spreads).

  • Part 1: technical information, advice about kit, practical suggestions.

  • Part 2: advice for shooting specific locations (eg. coastal, mountains, waterfalls).

  • A downloadable shot-planning pdf.

  • A downloadable pdf with the first six chapters of Emma’s book, A Year With My Camera (for aperture, shutter speed and ISO revision).

  • A link to a private Google map showing the locations of all the shots in the book.


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About Emma

A professional floral and landscape photographer, Emma wrote the bestselling beginner’s workshop A Year With My Camera. Published by the BBC, The Telegraph and Gardens Illustrated, she has been shortlisted in the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition and was a finalist in the Travel Photographer of the Year competition.

Emma took every image included in the book apart from the headshot to the left, which was taken by Julia Tomlinson and is reproduced with permission.

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