2017: A Year In Numbers

7,438 people took part in AYWMC in 2017

8,960 photos were shared with the #AYearWithMyCamera hashtag

16 new local AYWMC meetup groups were launched

More than 5,000 photos and over 30,000 comments have been shared in the private FB groups

More than 2,800 AYWMC books have been sold


All the images in this post have been taken by AYWMC students. Click on any image to be taken to their Instagram profile.


The top 3 things people said they are proudest of learning this year

1. Understanding what all the dials do

2. Not being frightened to get their big camera out in public

3. Taking the photo they can see in their head


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The kit we use

Canon: 33%

Nikon: 30%

Panasonic: 12%

Sony: 8% (big jump on last year)

Olympus: 7%

Fuji: 4%

Other: 6%



Firsts in 2018

1. We ran our first 5-day black and white challenge

2. AYWMC Book 2 launched in June and was an instant Amazon Best Seller

3. The Planner was introduced in August

4. I did a mid-year start in September (which was very popular indeed)

5. AYWMC Book 1 got its 100th Amazon review


My favourite things that people said about AYWMC

1. "I am really proud that I can pick up my camera and decide what settings I need."

2. "I've had the AH-HA moment!"

3. "I'm loving the course - can never say that enough, it's been a game changer."

4. "What I really love is the fact that a few weeks ago we would have just taken random photos with no thought of what we were doing, but now everyone is taking time to take interesting photos."

5. "The quality of your materials are excellent and much better than that of the Open University." (!!!)



Coming in 2018

1. A new programme and Facebook group only for AYWMC graduates

2. My first intermediate level course that includes feedback: The Art of Flower Photography

3. My first eBook: The Photographer's Guide to the North Coast 500

4. 3 start opportunities: January, April and September


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All the photographs in this post were taken by A Year With My Camera participants and shared by them on Instagram. If you click a photo you will be taken to their Instagram profile.

Emma Davies