Help for AYWMC Admins

Thank you for volunteering to admin a Facebook group. This page has been set up to help you with the most commonly asked questions. If you have another question, or a suggestion, or anything that will help the AYWMC Facebook community be a better place, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

What does an Admin do?

aa (+ best practise)

- how to resign/take a break - it should never be onerous.

- join the Admins private FB group (please answer the questions otherwise you won't be approved)

Help pages

1. Lists of existing groups

2. How to set up a new Facebook group

2. How to organise an in-person meetup

3. Tips for day to day running of a Facebook group

4. Class running orders (so you can tell where each start group is up to)

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