AYWMC FB Group posting guidelines


Above all, please don't forget that AYWMC is primarily a beginner's workshop. If you are not a beginner, you are very welcome, but please remember that for some people, just posting their work in public is a huge step.

If you are a beginner, please remember that everyone started exactly where you are. It's hard, but don't compare yourself to your family, friends, or other people you meet online. This is the AYWMC unofficial motto:


The purpose of the group is:

1. To meet other people doing the course.

2. To see other people's photos, so you can get ideas and be inspired.

3. To post your own photos so other people can see what you're doing, and to get feedback if you want it.

4. To ask photography related questions.

If you are unsure about whether it's OK to post something, check whether it meets any of those 4 criteria. eg. it's fine to ask for help choosing a new cameram but it's not OK to post a link to a photo article not related to AYWMC (I know these can be helpful, but it's just not that kind of group - the feed fills up quickly as it is, just with AYWMC related stuff).

In the Facebook group, please...

- post only your own photos. No exceptions, I will delete anything that is clearly not yours.

- ask for criticism if you want it, in broadly the following fashion: "I was trying to [whatever you were trying to do]. How could I improve?" Or, "I was working on [whatever you were working on]. What do you think?".

- give criticism only if asked for, and then ONLY to the point that was asked for. If a beginner is working on their wide apertures, critiquing their composition is unhelpful.

- feel free to post photos without asking for criticism. Please only post photos you've taken as part of AYWMC, unless invited otherwise.

- if no criticism is asked for, please restrict your comments to positive things. Find something you like about the photo, and say what that thing is.

- check each week's email to find out whether you need to post your homework in a thread which I will start, or whether you can add a separate post. The group is big, so we try to thread homeworks where ever possible. You can search for any thread using the search box:

- if you are waiting to be approved to join the group, it may be because your Facebook name is different to the email address you signed up with. If you haven't been approved within 24 hours of requesting, please just reply to any email I have sent you and let me know what your Facebook name is.

Please don't...

- ask for criticism by saying, "What do you think of this photo?" (it's too broad a request), or, "Constructive criticism, please!" (too broad). We need to know what you were trying to do if we are to help.

- annoy people with spam, links, anything unrelated to AYWMC, or requests for likes, follows or money (even for charity).

- post more than 1 photo a day, unless invited otherwise (it's ok to post multiple photos if they are in the same post).

- post adult content (we do have under 18s in the group).

- swear any more than you absolutely need to. The odd expletive is OK if you're frustrated.

Terms of posting

I will never republish any photograph you post in the Facebook group outside the group without asking you first.

I may quote what you say, but I will always do it anonymously unless I ask you first.