AYWMC Camera Club

What is it?

The online camera club for A Year With My Camera graduates. The aims are:

- to give people a place to stay in touch

- to provide intermediate to advanced level photography projects to stretch creativity and technical skill

- to enable constructive critique 

Who can join?

Membership is restricted to those who:

- have completed the email version of AYWMC (or at least the first 3 modules - exposure, composition and light), or

- have one or both AYWMC workbooks, and have finished at least the first book.

The camera club is not for complete beginners. It's expected that your preferred shooting mode is either aperture priority, shutter priority or manual mode. If you shoot on auto or program mode all the time, the club will be too advanced for you; but if you are ready to move off these modes, you may be about ready.

If you can answer "yes" to all of the following questions, you are ready to join (even if you haven't done every single project from the AYWMC course):

1. I know what effect the size of the aperture has on the depth of field in an image.

2. I know what effect a long or short shutter speed has on motion blur in an image.

3. I know the difference between a RAW image and a JPEG.

4. I know how to change my viewpoint to control the composition of my image.

5. I can recognise hard light and soft light.

What is included?

- a free weekly email

- (optional): access to a private Facebook group with regular critique sessions from Emma, the opportunity to share images for the monthly projects, the occasional competition, and the chance to keep in touch with fellow AYWMC graduates. Access to the Facebook group is a paid-for option. As 2018 is the first time I have run the group, I'm launching it with a "pay what you want" fee structure. Pay anything from £1 upwards for 12 months' access. I anticipate charging about £5 per month in 2019, but as it is untested I genuinely don't mind what you pay. Joining details at the end of this post.

Based on feedback from the first few joiners: depending where you are in the world you may be charged sales tax or VAT before you check out. If you want to go back and reduce your contribution to take account of that, you can do it before you hit the final pay button. Also, the site takes payment in dollars, don't worry about that, I take the hit on the exchange rate not you. Your card provider might make a charge though - if you are concerned about it, reduce the initial contribution to take account of that. 

Photography projects

This list will give you an idea of the types of projects we might have a go at:

- create a triptych

- night sky photography

- geometry in buildings

- food photography

- long exposure

- light painting

There will be plenty of opportunities for members to suggest and vote on upcoming projects, and all ideas about the club will be welcome.

How to join

1. Sign up for the free weekly emails:

You will get a Welcome email, and then an email every Thursday. If you don't get either, check your Promotions folder (gmail) or junk/spam folders (everyone). Whitelist "admin@emmadaviesphoto.com". If you still can't find it, email me at the admin address, unless you are a hotmail or outlook user. These both have dreadful delivery rates and I can't do anything about it from my end - please use an alternative email address. 

2. Join the Facebook group:

Once you've paid you'll be taken to the FB group joining instructions.

Any questions? Drop me a line: