NEW! Book launch

The A Year With My Camera workbook has launched. Buy now on Amazon:


The workbook was born out of the free weekly beginners photography lessons I send out every Thursday. This book, together with Book 2, forms the entire A Year With My Camera course. Each chapter is an expanded lesson, plus quizzes, checklists, extra homework and many project ideas.

The book is for you if:

- you have just got, or are about to get, your first DSLR

- you have tried to learn to use your camera many times, but it just won't stick

- you kind of understand aperture and shutter speed, but you can't remember where all the dials are

- you're nervous about going off auto in case you miss the shot

If you complete a chapter a week and start in January, Book 1 will take you up to around mid-May. Book 2 (launched early 2017) will finish the year.


What do people say?

"I used to use my camera on automatic all the time - after a few weeks taking this course, I now understand how the different settings and working in manual go together. I have been really thrilled with the pace of the course." Vivienne Kermode

"I used to just point and shoot; now I check where the light is, my position, know that I need a subject and where it is in the frame. I can even use the manual controls. I never thought it possible!" Michelle Stringer

"I'm constantly learning and this course has made me actually get out of my comfort zone and practise. Wonderful teaching." Caroline O'Hara

"A Year With My Camera has been the best thing I have been involved with for a long time." Helena Chambers

Ready for Book 2?

More details in this post: Book 2 Launch

Book 2 got the coveted #1 Best Seller orange flag on launch day: